Your options for reinvention success...

#1: Reinvention Xcelerator

Feel confused, unclear, or like you're wasting time? Our 12-week course is the playbook you need to turn your dreams into reality!

#3: Reinvention Master Plan™

Want personalized help mapping out a master plan to reach your reinvention dream? Book a 90-minute Reinvention Master Plan™ Session! Our rates start at $1500 per session.

#2: Reinvention Power Team™

Motivated to boost your results? Our elite group coaching program delivers support and accountability to reach your goals faster!

#4: Momentum Coaching

Ready to go "all-in" and accomplish your goals? Hire us as your personal partner for reinvention! Our coaching rates start at $4500 for a three-month package.

Career Reinvention 101

Ready to take control of your future? This digital course is a tactical roadmap to your dream career!

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Corporate Workshops

Dealing with change in your organization? Bring us in to help your talent deliver results in new directions.

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Reinvention Launch Club

Feel lost, alone, or like you're wasting time? Join our community to get coached, clear and connected.

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Private Coaching Programs

Ready to go "all-in" and accomplish your goals? Hire me as your personal partner for reinvention.

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Blueprint 1:1 Session

Want help mapping out a strategy to reach your reinvention goals? Book a 90-minute Blueprint!

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Need to offer your group or audience fresh strategies for managing change? Book me for a talk!

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Reinvention is possible for everyone...

Discover how people just like you have created work and lives they love...

“I have the impact I’ve always wanted!”

Now we live in our dream home. I run a thriving business. I have freedom and control over my time. And my work and my personal values are perfectly aligned. If you are ready for your life to be transformed and for your authentic self to be reintroduced to you, call Coach Pamela and work with The Reinvention Institute and your life will change for the better.

Rory Verrett

Founder, Protégé Search

“I’m excited to get up and go to work!​”

I have the great fortune of every day of my life, waking up in the morning and doing what I love. I get to go on a live-aboard dive yacht for a week and get paid for it. This is just a testament to how wonderful my life has become. The Reinvention Institute cares about people’s success, and you honestly couldn’t do better to find someone to help guide you in your reinvention.​

Rachel Davis

Digital Marketing Specialist

“It is a complete attitude shift!”

Coach Pamela came into my life at a place where I had nearly lost hope from disappointment and feelings of failure. I am now at a place where I am filled with excitement every day for what is to come. It is a complete attitude shift. Working with Coach Pamela has truly embodied the words of the Tao, ‘The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.’ I am filled with gratitude for her in getting me to take that step.

John Burton

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

“I realized that anything is possible!​​”

I currently live between London and the French Alps in a ski resort. And it was all through my reinvention that I got there. I realized I could expand my range greatly, trying new things. I realized that anything is possible. I decided that I wanted to do what Coach Pamela does, so I went through coach training, and here I am today. I hope you come along on this amazing journey!

Corry Klein

Financial Trainer & Coach

I continue to strive to grow and evolve.

I’m thrilled with my job and my life in Los Angeles. I continue to strive to grow, evolve and be the best that I can be. I own my value. I celebrate my value. I’ve worked with Coach Pamela so much, I believe that her spirit and what I have learned about life and about myself through working with her isn’t merely a ‘result’ or a ‘benefit.’ It is part of me. It lives in my DNA. Coach Pamela is worth her weight in gold.”

Amelia Heape

Associate Director of Marketing

“I am living my blessing!”

Coach Pamela holds the key to helping turn a life around.  She has a mighty gift of really hearing and “getting” where a person is coming from.  She speaks gentle and laser focus truth.  She was a cheerleader who helped me to believe in myself and she gave me much needed organization systems for my reinvention.  She enthusiastically, and with pure wisdom, helped me open the door to my genius.

Jeanne L. Malnati


“I went from ‘not again’ to ‘bring it on!'”

Coach Pamela helped me cultivate a variety of creative tools and techniques to approach personal and professional challenges, so that my mind-set changed from, “Not again” to “Bring it on!”.

Frank Yuvancic

Content Strategist

We know reinvention can be stressful —let us help you start...