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Does your career still fit with your dreams?

Many professionals are winning at work but find their job no longer aligns with their dreams. They don’t want to start over, but something needs to change.

At Planet Reinvention, we give you the courses, community, and coaching you need to reinvent your career and turn the life you dream of into the life you actually live.

You shouldn’t have to settle for a good life when a great one is waiting!

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Meet your guide…

I’ve been where you are.

When I went through my first reinvention—a leap from Wall Street to entertainment—there was no system to follow, no coach to guide me, no community to turn to for ideas and inspiration. (This was WAY before reinvention became trendy.)

That is why I created Planet Reinvention. Now, my team and I are here to help you avoid the stress, chaos, and turmoil of change by giving you everything you need to craft a career (and life) you love. It is possible to turn the life you dream of into the life you actually lead.

We look forward to helping you make your dream life a reality!

❤️Coach Pamela

Kickstart your reinvention!

Reinvention is possible for everyone…

Discover how people just like you have created work and lives they love…

How it works

1. Create your vision

Figure out what you really want from life and transform that dream into an achievable goal.

2. Clear your mindset

Remove your limiting beliefs, manage your fear, and open your mind to expanded possibilities.

3. Map your master plan

Create a master plan for your reinvention, learn how to generate opportunity and pitch yourself.

4. Launch your reinvention

Figure out what you really want from life and transform that dream into an achievable goal.

Kickstart your reinvention!


Beating your alarm clock out of bed because you’re so excited to get started with your day.

Having flexibility to travel the world, spend time with your kids, or having the relationships you want.

Experiencing peak performance at work because your career perfectly aligns with your dreams.

Don’t regret putting off a decision only to find—five years later—that nothing has changed…

Get a roadmap to unlock the career and life you dream of!

Kickstart your reinvention!

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