Creating the Optimal Space for Opportunity – see link below


Are you so narrowly focused on a single goal that there’s no space for other paths to show up? How do you know? How many options are you hearing for what you want? How many opportunities are you seeing? “No opportunity” means too specific.

SPACE: Having a general framework or direction vs. specific idea (“the thing”).

  • THIS LOOKS LIKE: Having to know exactly what you want v. “This is the path I’m interested in exploring”
  • Space brings more opportunities for our dreams to happen

Space keeps you moving and in conversation.

  • People can contribute
    • Don’t get scared with new ideas—shuts down brain
  • We can approach our goal from a different angle
    • Ask questions that home in what we truly desire
  •  We are more creative
    • We don’t know what we don’t know—new experience

Last issue – Too much SPACE:

  • THIS LOOKS LIKE: Too many options
  • HOW TO SOLVE: Look for common themes: Similar topics, all use same skills

We need space because that’s where life can step in and help us!

Coaching Action Steps

Create a general framework to measure and evaluate your reinvention opportunities.

Ask yourself the following:

1. What topics am I interested in? (E.g. health, music, entertainment, software)

2. What segments am I interested in targeting? (E.g. children, seniors, Gen-X indie rockers)

3. What is the “job lifestyle” I want? (E.g. flexible schedule, travel, fast-paced environment)

4. What skills do I want to use on the job? (E.g. public speaking, writing, managing people)

Listen to others and use their ideas to broaden your options.

Answer the following:

1. What suggestions have other people made about my reinvention?
2. What strategies, ideas and perspectives have they offered that I could incorporate into my plans?

Click on this link to download the Opportunity Action Guide for more tips and exercises on creating opportunity.