Release and Reinvention

What You Need to Know About Release and Reinvention

Here’s the thing: It is so important to do some clearing when you embark on your reinvention. 

If you don’t, you are going to block your progress.

Let’s think about this in terms of a garden. Imagine that you have some new seeds, and you’re going to plant them, water them and nurture them, and you hope they grow and flourish so that eventually you enjoy a truly fantastic harvest.

The same is true with reinvention. You’re planting for a new beginning, and you want those seeds to yield the goal you seek whether it be anew career, a new relationship or level of health, or a new lifestyle.

Now imagine that you are going out to your garden with the new seeds of your reinvention, and the plot you plan to use is overgrown with weeds. You plant them in the available space and invest effort in helping them grow, but your new seeds are not getting nutrients as they should. They’re not getting light because the weeds are blocking the sunshine, and they’re starving because the weeds are drawing the nutrients out of the ground. Despite all your hard work, you’ll get a minimal harvest, if any.

Well, the same applies to your reinvention. If you don’t do some clearing, the energy you put in won’t yield the results you seek. Your new growth will compete for internal resources, and weeds will choke your growth. When you release old beliefs, unproductive habits, limiting circumstances and unsupportive people, the energy of your efforts can fully deliver nutrients that make your reinvention thrive