A Final Point On Your Reinvention Team

A Final Point On Your Reinvention Team

As you pull together your reinvention board, keep in mind that it is based on the philosophy of “the circle of giving”—otherwise, it all becomes an exercise in selfishness and self-absorption.

You’re asking others to give to you, so to complete the circle you must offer the same help in return—although not necessarily to the same individuals. It’s not always possible to repay in kind so directly, and that’s why this is a circle. 

You “pay it forward” (a phrase popularized by the Kevin Spacey movie of that title) by giving freely to others. Person A helps Person B; Person B helps Person C, and so on. Any time you can help your board members directly, I recommend you do so. 

But don’t forget to help others, including strangers, in the same spirit in which you are being helped. Offer contacts, advice, and wisdom. I’ve personally found that this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: Those who give the most receive the most.

Lessons in this course: