Who’s On Your Reinvention Board

Who’s On Your Reinvention Board

When forming your Reinvention Board look for candidates who fall into one or more of these five profiles:

The Master Connector.

This is a champion networker with a golden Rolodex. Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point says that such people “link us up with the world.” They know everything and everybody, and everything about everybody. This is the member you call when you need a connection who can fill you in on a particular contact, or the one to go to when you’re ready to pitch a company or set up an informational interview.

The Clued-in Colleague.

This is someone you have worked with, who has seen you in action in a professional capacity and therefore understands your strengths and weaknesses. Clued-in Colleagues—ideally a former boss who is supportive of your growth and is willing to be honest with you—can help analyze opportunities for how well they match your talents and work style.

Warm ‘n’ Fuzzy

This is a friend who is guaranteed to lift your spirits. When you’re bleeding from the slings and arrows of reinvention, this person can apply the psychological Band-Aid and spread balm on your spirit by reminding you of your value: You were successful before, and will be again. The Warm ’n’ Fuzzies know just how to distract you during moments of despair and put you back in touch with what’s good. They also take you out to do something fun every now and then.

The Drill Sergeant

When you’re stuck in a rut and paralyzed with false fears, it’s time to call in a drill sergeant. Sometimes, the only way over the hump is a kick in the rump.

The Drill Sergeant, like your other board members, has only your best interests at heart. This person is fully supportive but without patience for whining and excuses. The Drill Sergeant’s favorite phrase: “Get over it,” followed closely by “Get it done!” or “Get over yourself!” Fill this slot with someone you admire but of whom you’re a teeny bit afraid. You risk that person’s displeasure if you don’t step up and get going.

The Native

Natives are familiar with the lay of the new land. They know who the players are. They know the scuttlebutt and the trends. They’re the ones who can give you inside tips on how to mesh with the culture and speak the language as you’ll learn to do in Law 8 (Language). They act as your guide and warn you away from danger.