What You Need to Know About Strategy Plans

What You Need to Know About Strategy Plans

A Reinvention Strategy Plan is a framework you’ll use for conducting your search, and it helps you organize yourself as you move ahead.

It accelerates your progress by highlighting key areas where an investment of energy will bring solid returns. By sketching out your ideas now, you’ll cover the key areas affecting your career reinvention so you can make the strongest launch possible.

You probably don’t see how you can possibly figure out every single detail at this stage, and you can’t. But you don’t have to.

This is not a test where you have to have all the answers in order to get an A. In fact, it’s not possible to have all the answers until the very end of this journey, because it is impossible to know in advance exactly how your reinvention will play out.

Your strategy—like your reinvention—is a work in progress. Here are the hallmarks of a good reinvention strategy:

It is flexible and open to change. Your strategy is NOT meant to be set in stone! A good one is fluid; it evolves based upon changing circumstances, situations, and information. It is nearly impossible to know at the start all the roads your reinvention will take, and a good strategy leaves space to change course midstream.

It acts as a benchmark. Much of the confusion during reinvention comes from not knowing what to do when, or how to evaluate new information and opportunities. A good launch strategy can act as a point of reference from the very beginning, helping you keep sight of your ultimate goals and desires and providing a way for you to measure progress.

Let’s dive into the essential categories your strategy needs to cover…