What Does Mindset Really Mean?

What Does Mindset Really Mean?

Beyond the tactical level of reinvention—the actual tasks you perform to execute your plan—lies another equally critical aspect—what you think and believe, and how you feel about what you’re trying to create.

When it comes to reinvention, your mindset matters as much as your action plan. If you don’t get your head right, making the change you crave is like trying to drive with your parking brake on. You’ll put in lots of effort, and make minimal progress.

Mindset is a fixed mental attitude that determines how you interpret and respond to situations. If your mindset is not in order, it’s easy to overreact—or underreact—to challenges.

But when your mindset is in alignment with your actions, it’s like an injection of rocket fuel that supercharges your progress.

To keep moving toward your goal, you’ll need to cultivate a reinvention mindset with four key elements in mind.

Let’s dive into each of these steps, with easy exercises to keep you on course to your dream.