Mindset #4: Be Willing to Be Happy

Happiness is the Truth

You’re probably saying to yourself, “C’mon, Coach Pamela, of course I’m willing to make myself happy!” Yes, but here’s the thing. Many times, we say we want things, but we’re not taking action to make them happen.

When there’s a disconnect between desire and action, unhappiness results.

You have to be willing to make the effort to move in the direction of happiness. This means stepping out of passive ‘not enoughness’ and using the other mindset shifts (solving problems, giving up excuses, taking action despite fear, questioning your thoughts) to bring your actions into alignment with what you want.

To avoid overwhelm, start by taking small steps and making small shifts. Your next step is to log each of these in a Daily Success List. This is such a critical habit, I give this assignment to all of my coaching clients. Here’s what you’ll do:

At the end of each day, write down four successes, large or small, work-related or not, in a small notebook.

Sounds simple, but over time your daily success list becomes a powerful persuader. It trains your brain to notice the progress in your life. When you register the good, you can build on it. Suddenly you have more energy to effect more change. Like compounding interest, the payoff increases over time.

It’s essential to consistently add to your list; otherwise, you’ll forget that compliment or the email you sent that resulted in a new project three weeks later. You’ll forget you DID do something today—no matter how small—or that something good happened. All of it counts, and all of it moves you forward.

Don’t feel you need to do this perfectly, or even every single day. I’ve been doing a Daily Success List since 2003; and though I am faithful, I give myself space to customize the habit (I take weekends off). Find what works for you and do it!