Replacing Habits

Replacing Habits

The second area that needs to be cleared out are habits. 

Not all of our habits support the results we want. You have to think about this because our habits are automatic behaviors. These are the things that we’re not really thinking about. 

Do they support the results that you want in your reinvention? If they don’t, then there’s an area that needs to be cleared out. 

Here’s an example for you. Maybe you have a habit of sitting down and watching three hours of television a night, and then you might say, “Well, gosh, I just don’t have any time to go out there and start researching what I might want for my reinvention.” 

Well, it’s not so much that you don’t have time, it’s that you have a habit that’s blocking the result you want because this automatic habit of sitting down on the couch and kicking back and all of a sudden three hours is gone is drawing from the result that you want. 

That’s a weed that needs to be pulled because that nutrient cannot get to what it is that you want to actually grow and flourish