Clearing Out Beliefs

Clearing Out Beliefs

You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting belief sand allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights.” ~ Brian Trac

The first area which commonly needs to be cleared out is beliefs. These are the thoughts that you hold about your reinvention. 

Are there myths that you’re saying to yourself, like, “Oh, people like me,” and you can just slot in whatever it is. 

“Well, people of my age or my gender or my color or whatever don’t have the result that I’m looking to have.” That’s one of those beliefs, these myths, that need to be cleared out.

Or the “supposed tos.” “Well, I’m supposed to do this, and I’m supposed to do that.” That can also choke your growth. 

Or excuses, such an important one that there’s a whole law on it in my book. It is progress begins when you stop making excuses. Excuses are another way, a belief system of, “I can’t move forward, and this is why I can’t.” That also has to be cleared out in order for your reinvention to grow.