Streamlining Your Vision into Goals

Streamlining Your Vision into Goals

Once you’ve formulated your vision, you’ll quickly see that whole-life success requires achieving multiple goals, not just a single “I want this job” goal.

Your visioning exercises helped you uncover a variety of things you want to accomplish in each leg of reinvention’s three-legged stool (work, lifestyle, and spiritual).

It can seem overwhelming because you may think to yourself, “I have all these things I want.” To stay focused, you’ll need to do two things: narrow down your goals and learn to manage more than one.

Here are the five steps you’ll use to organize your reinvention goals (and make them happen!):

  1. Identify your anchor goals, by category, and pick your cascade sub-goals
  2. Define the gap between where you currently are and your goal
  3. Budget a window of time you’ll invest in achieving your goals
  4. Learn how to work with yourself
  5. Weave your steps into everyday life

Let’s look at each one more closely.

Lessons in this course: