Be Bigger Than Your Fears

Be Bigger Than Your Fears

The hard truth is, fear will be a constant companion on your journey to a new you. Making a brighter life means stepping out of your comfort zone. Simply understanding this fact can help you develop a healthy attitude toward change. Consider it this way: you have to grow into the person who can have the life you want. If you already were that person, you’d already be living that life.

Okay, but how do you become the person who faces down fear of change? It begins with knowing that fear is hard-wired. Fear kept us safe when saber-toothed tigers roamed the land. So feeling afraid doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you human.

The trick is to separate the fear you feel from the action you take. Feel the fear, but be willing to move in a direction that’s different from the one your fears are pointing you toward.

From a reinvention perspective, we’re either running away from something we don’t want or moving toward something we do want. Keep in mind that it’s easier to move toward something you desire. Running from fear just escalates the fear.

So even if you don’t know where you will end up, shift your mindset to this: I am moving toward something I want. I am determined I am going to create it, and I am uncovering it as I go.

Coaching Action Steps

Coaching Action Step #1:

Make a list of five examples from your past where you were able to
overcome roadblocks or where you gave yourself permission to do
something despite opposition.

Coaching Action Step #2:

This week take one step to overcome a barrier or a fear!

Click on this link to download the Fears Action Guide for more tips and exercises to help you identify and move past your fears.