Why Your Actions Must Align with Your Goals

When Your Words Support Your Goal But Your Actions Don’t

LOOKS LIKE: A lot of conversation, not a lot of doing.

PROBLEM: There’s an issue with your value system.

  • Hierarchy of what’s most important to you—behavior shows what’s at the top of the list
  • Example: You want to lose weight but having nightly ice cream pleasure of dessert in the moment has higher value than losing weight
  • Example: You want to pursue a new career, but can’t find the time. Look at your calendar—investing time in Netflix or FB?

SOLUTION: Make a conscious decision about what’s most important.

  • Get off the fence—go all in or let yourself off the hook

TIP: Look at what you’re investing and ingesting.

  • Calendar—investing time / pocketbook—investing dollars
  • Food journal—ingesting food / reading and watching—ingesting mentally

Coaching Action Steps