Reaching Your Goals with Ease with Tom Sterner

Achieving a goal means creating a new habit in your life.

Author of The Practicing Mind and Founder & CEO of the Practicing Mind Institute Thomas Sterner is revolutionizing how people think about goal setting, the emotions we experience when we are working toward a goal, and the process of achieving our goals over time. Whether you’re trying to improve your golf swing, trying to memorize a challenging piano riff, or just trying to change the way you deal with a particularly abrasive coworker, Thomas’ strategies and insights will help you to separate yourself from your emotions in these situations.

According to Thomas, separating from your emotions in these challenging moments of working toward a goal is the essence of changing your behavior and achieving the goal itself. He imparts some invaluable advice about setting up a “process” or “procedure” when you aren’t feeling emotional that allows you go into autopilot when these challenging situations arise.

In other words, prepare for these moments when you’re feeling great, identify the best possible reaction to these emotions, and map out your ideal reaction! Then when you find yourself feeling frustrated or confused, you can go to that safe place you created and practice handling the situation the way you’ve always wanted to.

An Unusually Valuable Method For Reaching Your Goals With Ease with special guest Thomas M. Sterner