Getting Started in this Course

Hey there and welcome!

You’ve taken a huge step in your reinvention journey, and I’m excited to be your (virtual) Reinvention Coach® to help you create a career—and life—you love.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Follow the roadmap. Career Reinvention 101 equips you with a practical plan to launch your reinvention. Work through each lesson and make the most of the content—it’s a tried-and-tested road map.
  • Go at your own pace. This course is structured so that you can complete it in a way that suits your lifestyle. Feel like binge-watching all the videos? Go for it (just make sure you watch them in order). Want to schedule one learning day a week for the next six weeks? That works too! How you work through your reinvention journey is up to you—you do you.????
  • Do the exercises. In addition to six video lessons, you have access to a workbook with companion exercises. Complete them as you work through the lessons, as they provide clarity and insight and will help you keep moving.

See you inside!