Lesson 3: Identify Your Reinvention Goal

With your money foundation set, it’s time to move on to identifying your reinvention goal!

The best way to start creating a life vision is by imagining a picture of your ideal day.

You wake up in the morning—where are you? What does the room look like? Who’s with you? Visualize all these details and make them real. It’s your day—start it the way that makes you happiest.

Continue this process until you identify all of the details of your ideal day until bedtime, and write them in your workbook.

Once you’ve completed this exercise, it’s time to make a shortlist of careers. When identifying a goal and developing your career shortlist, you’re looking for elements and themes that represent your ideal lifestyle. This will help you match it to your money signifier which will allow you to meet your personal definition of security, freedom, power or flexibility.

Outlining what you’re looking to create in your life and career will help you set goals to put you in motion and from motion comes progress!

Be sure to work through your reinvention goal and determine a shortlist of careers to support it in your workbook.

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