Why Focus On Internal Story First?

Why Focus On Internal Story First?

When we talk about crafting a reinvention story in the context of reinvention, we generally think about the story we’re putting out about our career change and concentrate on how to tell that story to the world in a way that makes sense. It’s a very tactical, practical process of pitching yourself.

However, when you think about stories more deeply, there’s a level beyond the surface story you tell the world—it’s the story you tell yourself. And sometimes, what you’re telling the world isn’t aligned with your internal narrative. The story you tell yourself is what you need to focus on first.

For example, when presented with your dream job, you may say you’re confident you can do it, but inside, you secretly doubt you have the skills to deliver. When there’s a mismatch between your internal and external stories, it creates cognitive dissonance. Battling to take actions that are not congruent with your inner beliefs drains energy, making it difficult to get traction on your goals.

So in this module, we’re going to explore how to shift the story you’re telling yourself to align with the dreams you want to create.

Let’s begin!

Lessons in this course: